Reporting WIC Fraud on a Family Member?

Good or bad idea?

Here’s the deal, I’m not very close with my husbands family so I’m rarely involved in their personal lives outside of typical get-together’s. But, please, read on and help my weary mind if you can…

The culprit:

  • Who: My husbands sister. Lets call her Gracie.
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Children: One child, one on the way.
  • Relationship status: Engaged. Or should I say “Engaged”
  • Living situation: In my husbands parents basement.
  • Job Status: Employed Full Time. Boyfriend – No job.
  • Hobbies: Smoking weed, once, sometimes twice daily.

The problem: We were just over to my husbands parents for a get-together when his sister, “Gracie” asks us if we drink 1% milk, because she has a bunch that she’s giving away. I asked her why she had so much extra milk, and she replied with “Because I get it with WIC, but Mom and Dad already have milk…so…you can have it if you want.” I have issues with welfare abuse, so while trying to keep my ears from burning up, I politely asked “Why do you get it, if you don’t need it?” She responded with “Because the checks include a whole bunch of stuff, like peanut butter, milk, bread, you I have to get it all”. I responded, a little more tweaked with, “Why don’t you just leave what you don’t need at the store?” and she immediately snapped back with a 4 year old response of “Because…I know what I’m doing, jeeze!”

My Thoughts: My husbands mom is a nurse, meaning she makes a good chunk of money, as does my father in-law. Also, if “Gracie” works full-time, then she also makes pretty good money, how is she even legitimately receiving WIC? It’s absolutely fantastic that my hard earned money is going to random people that DON’T need help. Also, why in God’s name did you get pregnant a SECOND time when you couldn’t afford the first one, much less take care of yourself and your dead-beat boyfriend? AND SHE JUST GOT A MEMBERSHIP TO THE YMCA GYM!!! Right, I wish I could spend $80 a month on a gym membership and still get money handed to me…Jesus-H-Christ.

My Actions: Internet. I did one of those “Am I eligible for WIC” questionnaires that the website has, saying: I was pregnant, There were 5 people in the household (My parent-in-laws, their son, and Gracie and her Boyfriend), and I just guessed on the LOW END of the scale that their income was $50,000 a year. I was immediately DENIED wic assistance, but offered MN  U-Care at a low monthly rate.

Follow up: A little more internet searching found me this, on the website for WIC:

“Participant fraud or abuse is an activity or action by WIC participants taken to obtain benefits to which they are not entitled and/or to misuse the benefits they receive. Actions include misrepresenting facts that are used to determine eligibility (such as income, the age of children, or the
existence of children); exchanging food vouchers for nonapproved items
(such as cash, alcohol or tobacco products, or sundries); selling or giving
away food obtained with vouchers;
participating at more than one local
WIC agency simultaneously, thereby receiving multiple benefits, also called
dual participation; or verbally abusing WIC vendors and/or WIC employees.”

So, she is blatantly committing fraud on two counts (they’re in bold). I have been stewing about this since last week. I’m so upset that I can’t stop thinking about it.

I want to report her – but how do I report my sister-in-law for something like that and still keep peace with my husband?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I’m at a complete loss. I feel like this issue is going to stand between her and I for a LONG time. I’m very nervous that next time I see her things are not going to be civil, I can’t stand people taking my hard earned money to waste it away.

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